Batteries are a very common cause of car breakdowns. You can avoid unnecessary stress and expense by ensuring your car battery is in good working order.

Eastern Tyre Centre is your car battery expert, providing you with the right advice to ensure you get the most suitable battery for your needs.

The life of a car battery depends on several factors, including how regularly the vehicle is driven, correct battery installation and the climate in which it operates. Once a battery has reached the three year mark, it is advisable to have it inspected yearly.

The battery warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard is a clear indicator that your battery is experiencing problems, however, there are other indicators to keep an eye out for, including:

  • Vehicle takes longer to start than normal
  • Battery may appear swollen due to exposure to excessive amounts of heat or cold
  • Vehicle may have trouble starting
  • Evidence of corrosion and stains around battery terminal

When purchasing a new battery for your vehicle, the staff at Eastern Tyre Centre will help you to assess important factors such as environmental conditions, driving habits and use of powered accessories. As a BestDrive centre we carry a large range of batteries, suited to most types of vehicles and can test or replace your battery today!